This document describes a method to convert a Latex document to ODT or DOC format. All formulas are converted into images.
  1. Prerequisite: latex, htlatex, OpenOffice.
  2. Make a copy of your original Latex document.
  3. Add the line: \pdfoutput=0 just behind the document class command.
  4. Type: latex document.tex.
  5. Check that the .dvi file was created.
  6. Type: htlatex document.tex.
  7. Check with a webbrowser that a file: document.html exists.
  8. Open document.html with OpenOffice.
  9. Choose export and export in Open Document Format.
  10. Close OpenOffice.
  11. Open OpenOffice.
  12. Open document.odt.
  13. Chose Edit->links.
  14. Select all entries by clicking Shift+Ctrl.
  15. Click on the "brake link" button which causes all pictures to be embedded.
  16. Now save again or export in Microsoft DOC.